Steamboat Art Museum

THE PAINTED WORDS – A Visual Writing Event

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. | Steamboat Art Museum 

Adonna Allen reading a winning entry during 2022 Awards Celebration

The Painted Words 2023: Event Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in SAM's 6th annual writing event, The Painted Words (formerly known as Ekphrasis). This year's event was filled with wonderful creative writing based off of our current exhibit, T.D. Kelsey and Julie Oriet:  Coming Full Circle.
A special thanks to all of our writers, judges, guests readers and event sponsors for making this annual event so memorable.

Adult Pros

Winner: Dagny McKinley inspired by Peace Treaties by Julie Oriet

Honorable Mention: Cesare Rosati inspired by In Their Finest by Julie Oriet

Honorable Mention: Mandy Miller inspired by Morrocco Blue by Julie Oriet  

Adult Poetry

Winner: Harriet Freiberger inspired by Out on a Ledge by Julie Oriet

Honorable Mention: Lyla Baker inspired by Warrior by T.D. Kelsey

Honorable Mention: Johanna Hildebrand inspired by Spring Break by Julie Oriet


Winner: Erika Sexton inspired by Wilderness Sentinels by Julie Oriet

Youth Honorable Mention: Tesh Feinberg inspired by Blessing of the Beasts by Julie Oriet

The Painted Words Anthology | 2023

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