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“Cattle Kings of the Pecos" 
by Kim Wiggins

“Vintage MG Dash" 
by Bobbie Crews Thurston

“Interpretations Through a Virtual Lens"
Joint Show at the Art Depot

Skip Whitcomb

Dan Young
“Morning Uplift"

Ralph Oberg
“Shadows of Their Former Selves"

Happy Holidays
Steamboat Art Museum

Matt Smith
“Sierra Jewel"

Happy Thanksgiving
from SAM!

James Tennison
“Portrait of Charlie Brown"

Ralph Oberg
“The High Life"

Gregory Effinger
“Autumn Schoolhose”

Joanne Orce
“Arnold Barn, Early Fall"

Orville Giguiento
“Start of a Workday"

Tony Hilscher
“Yampa Sparkle"

Richie Vios – “SAM Museum"
Watercolor 12×24

Denise Labadie-
“Passage at Knowth

Oberg, Smith, Whitcomb, Young
“Four Directions- Common Paths"

Bonnie Zahn Grifith
“Sapporo on Tap"

Jackie Grimaldi & Madeleine Vail “Routt County Fair"

Ginger Gehres
“Pawtrait of a Black Bear"

Richard Galusha
Four Bears

Nancy Perricone
“SAM Store”

Chula Beauregard
“Mid-Valley Morning”

Denise Labadie
“Eightercua Stone Row”

Rod Hanna
“Roping a Ride”

David M. Taylor
“Up, Up and Away”

Jackie Grimaldi
and Madeleine Vail

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Art of the Quilt

Denise Labadie
“Monastic Ruin at Glendalough"

Susan Jane Franklin Jones-
“Hats and Patches"

Dennis Pendleton
“Front Yard"

The Art
of the Quilt

David M. Taylor-
“Welcome Home"

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