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Martha Chapa Exhibit 2007

Featuring beautiful works by one of Mexico’s National treasure and an artist of international importance, Martha Chapa, in the first international exhibit of the Steamboat Art Museum.

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Martha Chapa Exhibition

06/08/2007 – 09/09/2007

Welcome to the Steamboat Art Museum’s fourth exhibit in the historic First National Bank Building in downtown Steamboat Springs.

This exhibition features an exhibition of the original oil paintings of reknown Mexican Artist, Martha Chapa. The Exhibit illustrates the western heritage of Routt County and the Northwestern Colorado and the early ties to Mexico and the Mexican Culture.

We would like to thank the City of Steamboat Springs and the Mexican Consulate for sponsoring this exhibit in conjunction with the International Cultural Exchange.

We would aldo like tothan our many volunteers and members who have so generously donated their time and money to make this exhibit possible.


These beautiful works by one of Mexico’s national treasures, Martha Chapa, are being exhibited by the Steamboat Art Museum and sponsored by the Mexican Counsul Generals office in Denver and the City of Steamboat Springs.

Martha Chapa was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico in 1946. An Artist of international importance, Martha has shown her work in 257 individual exhibitions and 1800 collective exhibitions throughout Mexico, Europe, North, Central and South America. Martha has also published 23 culinary books on Mexico and writes many articles for newspapers.

Her work includes many “jox de positions" involving the apple–symbol of their father, who would often bring her apples as sign of affection. Martha’s exploration of the apple in so many different scenes of volcanoes, cactus and still life’s, paints an unforgettable portrait of the many emotions one must endure in life.

With this first international exhibition, the Steamboat Art Museum believes a cultural understanding through international art can help achieve the needs and goals of a growing and diversified community.