Steamboat Art Museum

IMAGINING THE WEST, 12/15/2017 – 04/07/2018

The Steamboat Art Museum
celebrates the unveiling of the expanded museum with




Opening Dec.15, 2017 – Apr. 7, 2018

Gala Reception, Feb. 3, 2018

Works by more than 40 of the region’s most important artists, inspired by the culture and heritage of the West.
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Invitational Exhibit: Imagining the West

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2018 Winter Gala “The Winner’s Circle”

February 3, 2018  6:00 – 9:00PM

$100 per person – Seating is limited.

Celebrating old times and new, from 1920 – 2018
Grand old memories – Delicious old favorites

Experience SAM’s 1st Invitational Exhibit: Imagining the West showcasing the opening of our expanded museum and featuring the work of over 40 of the nation’s foremost artists, many of whom will be present.

For information call 970-846-6165 or e-mail:

SAM Members’ reception with exhibiting artists of “Imagining the West”.
Friday, February 2, 4:00 – 5:00PM

(prior to First Friday Art Walk)

Enjoy an intimate “Meet and Greet” with the artists as they share insights and special experiences related to their work.
Refreshments will be served.
This is a special thank you for our members.

Imagining the West – An Artist’s Perspective

It is an honor and a privilege to
introduce you to the Invitational Exhibit: Imagining the West at the
renovated Steamboat Art Museum. It is with anticipation and excitement
that the Board of Directors and staff of the museum open our doors to
the community, to view our wonderful new venue that we are so passionate
about. Steamboat Art Museum was formed in 2005 in the historic Frist
National Bank building and was the gift and vision of Helen Rehder.  In
the past 12 years, this vision has come to an incredible fruition. The
Mission of the Museum is to reflect the culture and history of the
western way of life through art, and to enrich the lives of the Yampa
Valley resident with our exhibits.  

As an artist, the Museum holds a special
place in my heart and I was fortunate to have a Retrospective Exhibit
there in 2015. The artists in this show are passionate about their work,
and are eager to share their special vision of the West with our
public. This group of nationally known artists has been selected for
their exceptional work, and includes most of the artists that have had
retrospective shows since the Museum’s inception. As an artist, my view
of the world around me is quizzical, and I am fascinated by the shapes,
colors, values, and light and how it affects the subject. As artists, it
is our job not to copy what we see, but to evoke an emotion, a memory, a
point in time with a drawing, a sculpture or brushstrokes in paint.

Our job as artists is to engage the
viewers and draw them into the special world we have hopefully created
with our paintings and sculptures. The language of paint is purely
visual and emotional, and can never really be captured in the written or
spoken word. Art can be a refuge for the soul, and an adventure in our
culture that is uplifting and fills a void in our daily lives. The focal
point in a piece, the rhythm, the movement, the way the light hits a
mountain at sunset, the sheen on a horse bathed in morning light, can
all cause the viewer to ponder and immerse themselves in a particular
scene. If we can do this, we have succeeded in chasing our vision.  

Not only is passion for the art important
for the artists, but for art enthusiasts, patrons and collectors alike.
We are extremely fortunate in the Yampa Valley, to be able to have a
Museum that helps drive that passion so well. With our exhibits, we are
able to share with our children and senior citizens the diverse joys of
the art world through outreach programs and educational opportunities in
our classrooms. Our lectures can Enright the lives of resident of the
valley and perhaps light a spark of interest that will last for years to
come. The Steamboat Art Museum is the perfect place where artists and
patrons alike, can gather and share their thoughts and appreciation of
the West through art.  

We hope you enjoy this Invitational
Exhibit and the new renovations to our Museum. Without the vision of our
founders and the hard work of our exceptional staff and volunteers, we
would not be able to share this wonderful space and the art on it’s
walls. Take a moment to appreciate, to reflect, and to become passionate
about this gift our community is so fortunate to have!

John Fawcett
Board Member & Artist