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Four Directions – Common Paths

Oberg, Smith, Whitcomb, Young
Friendship, Inspiration, and Craft – A Thirty Year Connection
December 4, 2020 – September 5, 2021

“The Steamboat Art Museum is honored to present “Four Directions, Common Paths: Oberg, Smith, Whitcomb, Young” bringing together the works of these four pre-eminent plein air painters of the West. Individually, they have all shown in past group exhibitions at the Steamboat Art Museum, including the 2016 National Exhibition of Plein Air Painters of America. This exhibition demonstrates the wonderful synergistic impact of their 30-year relationships – a story of kinship, adventure, and cross-pollination to become their best. We look forward to sharing this experience.”

– Betse Grassby, Executive Director of Steamboat Art Museum.

“Great trios are the stuff of legend throughout history and literature, while foursomes are less celebrated, it seems. Perhaps the art world equivalent of the Fearsome Foursome: Skip Whitcomb, Ralph Oberg, Dan Young and Matt Smith can level that inequity. They are an impressive group of painters who travel, paint, hike and talk art together. Among the top tier of America’s landscape and wildlife artists, they produce exquisite “on the spotters” that capture the light, feeling and drama of a landscape that is rapidly changing before their eyes. More importantly, they use their trips outdoors with their painting gear as fact finding missions that will lead to the next great studio paintings."

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Seth Hopkins – Executive Director, Booth Western Art Museum

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Four Directions-Common Paths: Oberg, Smith, Whitcomb, Young
Friendship, Inspiration, and Craft – A Thirty Year Connection

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