Steamboat Art Museum

Materials & Activities

The Steamboat Art Museum Art Reach program is designed to engage students of all ages through education of the exhibits and artistic opportunities at the museum. 


Family Fun with our Latest Scavenger Hunt!


View the current exhibit at the Steamboat Art Museum or in the online gallery and find your answers in the photographs!

Description. Analysis. Interpretation. Judgement.

What do we see? How we describe the artwork. Think about the elements of art (line, shape, value, form, texture, space, and color). What is its size? What is the subject? Can you tell what it is made of?

These and more other questions on our guide.

There are no Right or Wrong Answers in the Open – Ended Inquiry.

What do you know about this object? What is familiar? What is unfamiliar? List words or ideas that come to mind when you look at this object.

These and more other questions on our guide.

Loss for Words?

Try these Antonyms to Describe or Interpret Art.

Drawing Cranes in 8 Steps.

Start with the inner life of the bird. Focus on posture, proportions, and angles to create the silhouette of the crane. Dark and Light values convey its form and lighting conditions.

Follow Step by Step in the guide.