Steamboat Art Museum

Ekphrasis* 2018 Winners

In honor of Susan deWardt

An annual event challenging writers of all ages to share stories inspired by the exhibition at the Steamboat Art Museum.


The Steamboat Art Museum congratulates the winners of
The Painted Words! An Ekphrasis Event, 2018.

1st place: Kathleen Guler “The Last Light”
Painting: “Out of the Rain”
Artist: Michele Kondos

Honorable Mention:

Jennifer Paquette “Bison Eyes”
Painting: Resilience
Artist: Cindy Baron OPA

Nancie McCormish “Flickers”
Painting: Last One Up
Artist: Lyn Boyer

Young Writer award

Carsen Gerstell
Painting: Preparation
Artist: Andrea Clague

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*Ekphrasis (a word relatively new to dictionaries) is the use of words to comment on a piece of visual art. One of the earliest and most commonly cited forms of ekphrasis occurs in The Iliad, where Homer provides a long and discursive account of the elaborate scenes embossed on the shield of Achilles.