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The Art of the Quilt

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The Art of the Quilt 

6/26/2020 – 9/06/2020 


David Taylor, two-time recipient of the Master Award for Contemporary Quilting from the International Quilt Association, creates quilts that are often mistaken for paintings. His subjects are adapted from photographs using a special technique evolved from his love of jigsaw puzzles. David’s quilt will represent his 23 years in quilting, from this beginnings in Steamboat Springs to present day.

Denise Labadie, winner of the People’s Choice Award and the McCarthy Memorial Award for Craftsmanship at the Quilt National, creates contemporary quilt portraits of very non-contemporary structures. She is known for her unique hand-painted fabrics, assertive textures and craftsmanship of her unique subjects focused on Celtic megalithic stones, monoliths and monastic ruins. Her quilts will represent her most recent works.

Passionate about fabric and thread, Madeleine Vail has been stitching for most of her life. She is continually inspired by the beauty of nature and loves to explore diverse color combinations. Madeleine has been publishing her original patterns and teaching her techniques for twenty-five years. Jackie Grimaldi is also a life-long sewist, with years of experience in cultivating a unique and beautiful style. Madeleine and Jackie enjoy working together on large, complex projects, which challenge them both to grow as artists and designers.

Quilts: Testament to Community is the theme of our exhibition in the Cole Verploeg Youth Gallery, filled with Routt County histories, stories (old and new), and award winning as well as personal, family quilts and antique quilts from community members. We hope you will gain a new understanding of what the quilting process and the final product represent for the individual, as well as community.